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November 26, 2013

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Sorry, this note is about our teeth not coffee.  If it were about coffee the suggestion would be to try the La Pastora, a Costa Rican coffee, at Victoria’s Station Cafe in Putnam.

Most of us grind our teeth.  You may have noticed the jagged edges of your own or other’s front teeth.  Often the grinding we do while sleeping is a major contributor to this.  Damage also occurs to our back teeth, fillings and crowns. You have experienced this if you have awoken to find your tongue exploring a previously unnoticed sharp edge. You can protect your teeth from nighttime damage by using a nightguard.  A nightguard is a plastic appliance that covers the chewing surfaces of the teeth.  When worn at night any grinding action wears away the plastic, not your teeth.

We are always happy to suggest ways that you can protect your teeth.  Please inquire at your next check up.  We can review your options.

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