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Dental Implants in Putnam, CT

Fill the space in your smile with a dental implant!

Are you missing a tooth? If you are, it’s important to have it replaced because leaving a space in your smile gives room for other teeth along your gums to shift and alter your overall bite. This can lead to many complications, not to mention the impact a gap in your smile will have on your confidence. To help, our team can work with you to replace the tooth with a dental implant!

A dental implant is a small, metal screw that is placed directly into the socket of the missing tooth. As time goes by, the jaw and the implant will fuse to form a stable foundation for your new dental crown. When enough time has passed, you’ll come to our office to complete your dental implant procedure by having a realistic looking dental crown placed.

Needless to say, the dental implant process is a permanent one. With this restorative therapy, a dental implant makes it possible for patients to regain their normal diet because it will be possible to once again bite and chew even the toughest of foods! Additionally, your self-confidence will no longer be negatively affected by a noticeable gap in your smile. Dental implants are created to blend well into your row of teeth. Soon, you may even forget that it’s there!

Please call us today to schedule a dental implant consultation. Drs. Carolyn and Walter McGinn see dental implant patients from Putnam, Woodstock, Thompson, Killingly, Danielson, and other Connecticut cities. If this is the first time you’re receiving dental care from our practice, please briefly review our new patient information. Would you like to learn about other ways that we can rejuvenate your smile? Just take a look at our full list of restorative dentistry procedures, which is available on our services page.