How 5 Popular Drinks Affect Your Teeth

September 8, 2020

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Woman drinking wineEven though everybody knows that water is what we should be drinking the most, most of us still indulge in other popular beverages to mix it up a little bit. Often times, other drinks have benefits to your health, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re good for your smile. Being aware of the effects that common beverages have on your teeth can give you the power to make the best decisions for your oral health. Continue reading to learn more from your family dentist in Putnam about the relationship between beverages and oral health.


For many of us, no morning is complete without a hot cup of coffee. Over half of Americans who are over the age of 18 drink it at least once a day. In fact, drinking coffee in moderation actually has some benefits like increasing your energy levels and providing you with essential nutrients. The problem with coffee is that it contains naturally occurring compounds known as “tannins.” This ingredient is known for its bitter flavors and dark pigments that can stain your teeth. Coffee is also slightly acidic which can contribute to tooth decay.


Tea can have different effects on your depending on the type of tea that you’re drinking. Green tea actually has benefits on your smile by protecting against gum disease, cavities, and bacteria. Even brewed teas don’t have much of a negative impact. The type that poses potential issues is the brewed and sweetened iced teas. This is because popular brands contain such high levels of sugar. They can be more harmful than drinking soda.


Everyone knows that soda is extremely destructive for the teeth. This is because it contains high levels of both acids and sugar. The acid weakens the teeth’s protective enamel and leaves it vulnerable to bacteria that is fueled by the sugar in the mouth. Ultimately, this leads to more tooth decay and cavities.


Even though juice usually comes from fruit, it isn’t really that much better than drinking soda. This is because when you buy fruit juice, it is highly concentrated and exposed your teeth to more acid than if you had the fruit in its natural form. This acid softens the enamel and makes it more vulnerable to tooth decay. If you’re going to drink juice. It’s recommended that you dilute it with 50% water.


Many of us like to celebrate an exciting event with a glass of wine. When consumed in moderation, it can even have benefits to your health. Sadly, your teeth don’t experience any benefits. Red wine contains tannins, just like coffee and can leave you with discoloration and softened enamel. You will be more susceptible to tooth decay.

Whenever you want one of these beverages, keep your smile in mind. By keeping up good dental hygiene, seeing a dentist near you, and limiting the number of these drinks that you consume, you can maintain your oral health.

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