Putnam Dentist Suggests Foods and Drinks to Stay Away From

March 13, 2017

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Your Putnam dentist understands that it’s natural you’re your enamel to stain over the years.Every time you go out with your friends, you dress your best. It takes a few hours to pick out the perfect outfit, do your hair, and apply just the right amount of makeup. The finishing touch is always a deep red, almost maroon lip color that adds just the right amount of edge to your chic get up. As you look in the mirror at your finished look, a smile spreads across your face and your confidence instantly sinks. Your teeth have yellowed so much over the years! Your Putnam dentist, either Drs. Carolyn or Walter McGinn, are here to inform you on the foods and drinks you should avoid for expedited discoloration on your teeth. Our dental practice also offers whitening services for you if you’ve been longing for a glistening, bright smile.

1.    Black Coffee and Tea

It may be hard to get up in the morning, but a dark cup of coffee is one of the worst staining drinks for your teeth. Same goes for black tea, but there are some alternatives that you can try. The lighter the drink the less likely it is to stain your teeth. Try adding low-fat milk (a substance that has good nutrients for your teeth) to lighten up your cup of coffee or try a different variation of black tea that may be lighter. This means that it has less staining abilities.

2.    Red Wine

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and smiled after sipping a glass of cabernet sauvignon, you’ve seen the reddening results. Positively though, red wine is good for your overall health and heart. It can reduce inflammation, helping to prevent gum disease. It all comes with balance.

3.    Sodas

All sodas aren’t necessarily good for your diet, but especially dark sodas are bad for your oral health. They are high in sugar, breaking down protective properties in your teeth. The dark color causes staining, and even the temperature can take a toll on your teeth. If a soda is very hot or very cold, your mouth can experience minor tooth pain from sensitivity. Opt for soda water instead for the same bubbly feeling.

4.    Blueberries and Beets

Although berries are a part of nature’s super foods, the dark blue stains teeth. These berries are great for your health because they are jam packed with antioxidants, but the juice from them are so dark and strong that people have even used the juice from blueberries as ink. Same goes for beets. If you’ve ever even touched a beet, you know how powerful their staining ability. If you want to indulge by eating some healthy berries or bright red veggies, be sure to swirl your mouth with water afterward or brush your teeth.

Over the years, it’s natural for your enamel to darken and become stained. Both of your dentists in Putnam offer teeth whitening services within our office so you don’t have to feel self-conscious any longer. Rock that deep red lipstick with bright, white teeth! Contact our office today to see which whitening services are the best for you!

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