6 Interesting Dental Facts from Your Dentist in Putnam

June 5, 2018

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A woman thinking.The field of professional dentistry is young relative to the history of the world, but there are still thousands of incredibly interesting facts your dentist in Putnam has learned about since she completed her many years of education. Some of these facts are interesting for the historical or cultural aspect, while others can prove helpful in your daily life!

Either way, your dentist hopes you’ll find these six facts to be interesting!

Fact #1: A Different Kind of Tooth Fairy

In Spanish-speaking countries, patients don’t rely on a tooth fairy to snatch baby teeth from under their pillows. Instead, they look out for El Ratoncito or Raton Perez, which literally translates into Perez mouse or Perez the Mouse. Depending on which country you visit, his name may vary, however the custom of placing the tooth under your pillow remains the same. He’s even been used in Colgate commercials that aired in Venezuela!

Fact #2: The Very First Toothbrush

Did you know the very first toothbrushes were made using animal hair? Animals like horses, hogs, and badgers all had incredibly fine and soft hair, making them perfect for cleaning in between teeth. The first toothbrushes were manufactured in China in 1498. Today, toothbrushes use nylon instead.

Fact #3: Avoiding Fluoride Toxicity

When teaching your young ones to brush, make sure they spit out as much toothpaste as possible after they finish. Ingesting too much fluoride can easily lead to dental fluorosis, a condition that leaves white spots on teeth. They are most vulnerable to this condition during the first 8 years of life. Check to see if your town’s water supply is fluoridated as well for extra protection.

Fact #4: Gum Disease in the U.S.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly half of Americans above the age of 30 have some form of periodontal disease. In American adults 65 and older, that number jumps to 70 percent.

Fact #5: Quit Your Soda Habit!

According to your dentist in Putnam, drinking three or more 8-ounce glasses of soda increases your risk of developing tooth decay, needing fillings, and experiencing tooth loss by 62 percent. What a good reason to opt for plain water instead! If you must drink soda, do so through a straw to minimize contact with your teeth and make sure to brush afterwards!

Fact #6: How to Prevent Baby Tooth Decay

Have a baby recently? You should know that the worst thing you can do for their teeth is share your oral bacteria with them. Newborn babies don’t carry cavity-causing bacteria at such a young age, so decay that appears is more likely bacteria that transferred from your mouth to theirs. Avoid wetting pacifiers with your mouth, sharing utensils, or kissing them on the lips to avoid this accidental transfer.

Want to learn more interesting facts from your Putnam dentist? Schedule an appointment today!

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