Brushing and Flossing Correctly Could Save Your Teeth

August 6, 2019

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person flossing their teethMaintaining good oral hygiene can keep you from having to make surprise visits to a family dentist in Putnam due to developing oral health problems. If you’re diligent about brushing and flossing every day but still get cavities, you may not be caring for your teeth using the proper techniques. Using the right tools and motions can keep your pearly whites looking happy and healthy for years to come. Read on to learn the most efficient and effective way to complete your oral hygiene routine.

Seven Steps for the Best Brushing

Brushing your teeth removes plaque and food debris buildup that happens throughout the day. It not only prevents the accumulation of harmful oral bacteria that can cause gum disease and dental decay, but it also keeps you approachable by freshening your breath! Here are the seven steps for the best brushing:

  1. Angle your toothbrush at 45 degrees to your gumline.
  2. Use just enough pressure against your gums and teeth being sure not to press too aggressively.
  3. In circular strokes, move across all inner and outer surfaces of your front and back teeth.
  4. Be sure to brush all chewing surfaces and clean the inside portion of your front teeth by angling the brush vertically, making up-and-down strokes.
  5. Your toothbrush is only wide enough to clean one or two teeth at once, so be sure to move across each one.
  6. Watching yourself in the mirror to ensure you’re using the proper motions, be sure to make sure you brush each of your teeth.
  7. Once your two-minute timer is up, be sure to brush your tongue, removing food and bacteria that cause bad breath.

Fantastic Flossing in Five Steps

Everyone’s guilty of skipping flossing in their oral hygiene routine, but it helps prevent cavities and reduces your risk of developing gum disease by removing food debris and plaque. It also gives you the chance to have a good up-close view of your teeth and gums so you can inspect for anything out of the ordinary. Here are the five steps for fantastic flossing:

  1. Begin with 15 to 18 inches of floss and wind most of it around one of your middle fingers. The rest will be wound around the same finger on your other hand.
  2. Hold your floss taut with an inch or so between your hands. Gently slide the floss between your teeth with a gentle rocking motion.
  3. Once the floss hits your gum line, you’ll want to gently curve it into a C-shape against your tooth.
  4. Gently slide the floss against the side of your tooth away from your gum.
  5. Repeat these steps between all of your teeth, being sure not to be too rough on your gums.

If you haven’t flossed for a while, you’ll experience some bleeding and soreness. Don’t worry! After a week or so, your mouth will be feeling fantastic! Scheduling routine checkups and cleanings with your dentist in Putnam will ensure that any lingering oral health problems are treated before they have a chance to progress. Paired with the correct brushing and flossing techniques, you’ll be able to preserve your smile for years to come!

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