Flossing in the New Year – How to Make This Resolution Stick!

December 26, 2020

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As you prepare to tackle the new year, you’ve decided to recommit to your dental health. One of the areas you’re focusing on is flossing. Why? Because it offers several benefits, which include cavity prevention, the support of your overall health and the maintenance of fresh breath. Still, with a busy schedule, it’s easy to fall short in this area. There’s a way to maintain your flossing routine; it just takes the application of some simple strategies. Continue reading to learn about three helpful tips from your dentist in Putnam!

Tip #1 – Master Your Technique

The better your flossing technique, the less time it will take to finish each session, the easier the task will be to complete and the cleaner your teeth will be. Start by pulling enough material to get the job done, which is around 18 inches. Securely wrap the floss around the middle fingers of each hand and carefully descend between each tooth. By bending the string in a “C” shape, you’ll be able to free debris and ensure a clean sweep. Follow this pattern until you’ve cleaned all your teeth.

Tip #2 – Develop a Schedule

While you should strive to floss two times a day, it’s not the end of the world if you can only do it once. Just be sure that you’re consistent. A way to accomplish this is by establishing a schedule. Do you typically have a little extra free time after eating lunch? If so, this would be a great opportunity to get in a flossing session. By eking out the space to do this around a certain time each day, as well as brushing at least twice, you can feel secure that you’re protecting your teeth and gums.

Tip #3 – Get Expert Advice

A final tactic to hit your New Year’s resolution target is to visit your local dentist for a cleaning and checkup. In addition to having harmful bacteria, plaque and tartar removed, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with the dental hygienist and dentist. These are excellent ways to boost your dental IQ. Because they are professionals who specialize in oral health, they’ll have several tips for stepping up your efforts.

For example, your dental hygienist may suggest using a dental floss pick to clean between hard-to-reach teeth. Or your dentist may stress the importance of flossing before any leftover food particles have a chance to harden.

Such little jolts of information are great for triggering your mind when you’re at home (when your dental hygiene knowledge and practices matter most). By following the above tips and maintaining your overall commitment to excellent oral health, you’ll be able to experience strong teeth and gums throughout the year!

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