Family Dentist in Putnam Gives You a Lifestyle Challenge!

May 31, 2018

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woman smilingThere are many things that can cause dental problems—and it doesn’t all stem from skipping your brushing routine, either (although that’s pretty bad, too!). Sometimes, the decisions that form our lifestyle can contribute to your dental concerns.

If you want to improve your overall smile, taking a hard look at your lifestyle can do the trick. In this post, we’re going to challenge you to truly look at your habits and how you may be able to change them for the better.

Are You Making “Bad” Lifestyle Choices for Your Teeth?

If you’re truly invested in taking care of your mouth for the rest of your life, you need to practice the best preventive care possible. This doesn’t just mean brushing your teeth every day, flossing at least once a day, and even visiting your dentist in Putnam (although these are all very important steps in preventive care), it means that you should also be aware of what you’re doing on a daily basis to your mouth. That’s right—what you’re eating, drinking, and putting in your mouth all contributes towards the health (or decline) of your teeth and gums.

To make it easier for you to understand if you’re taking the best care of your teeth or not, ask yourself these quick questions.

Do I have a healthy, balanced diet?

Good nutrition is important for your whole body—even your teeth and gums. Choosing natural foods that have crunch (like apples and celery) keep the jaw strong and naturally produce saliva in the mouth.

Do I currently smoke?

If you’re a tobacco user—even if you don’t smoke it—you’re risking your oral health. The appearance of your smile will change, the smell of your breath will change, and you’ll even risk developing decay and gum disease which can lead to tooth loss overtime. Not to mention the increased risk of developing oral cancer!

Do I drink alcohol on a regular basis?

Alcohol also can negatively affect your smile just as bad as tobacco does. The substance has the same long-term effects as tobacco use: increased chance of developing oral cancer, gum disease, and decays the teeth.

Am I really taking advantage of my hygiene routine?

Every day that you wake up, you have the chance to improve your oral health. Start your day off right with brushing and flossing your teeth, even finishing your routine with a minty mouthwash. The same thing should happen at night after your day has been complete. If you need help optimizing your dental routine at home, you can always rely on your dentist for assistance.

Finally, of course, you should be visiting your dentist for effective preventive dental care appointments for professional preventive services.

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Here at Quiet Corner Dental, we see all too many patients who believe their smiles are failing for no reason while they are actually contributing to it’s downfall. We’re here to make sure you’re informed about your oral health and how to improve it. Contact us today to get started.




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