Top 7 Reasons Why People Avoid the Dentist

October 13, 2021

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patient facing dental fear at dentist in Putnam

Though many patients know they’re supposed to visit the dentist biannually for checkups and cleanings, dental fear or anxiety prevents as much as 75% of people from doing so. Fortunately, advances in the oral health field and the right dentist can make getting through dental appointments a comfortable, stress-free experience. Read on as we go over the top seven reasons why people avoid visiting their dentist and how the right dentist in Putnam can help.

#1: Embarrassment

Since patients who experience dental fear or anxiety often avoid the dentist for as long as possible, this leads to their oral health being in bad shape. As a result, they feel embarrassed and nervous that they’ll be judged for the state of their oral health.

#2: Payment Concerns

If patients don’t have dental insurance, this may lead to them feeling concerned about how they’ll be able to cover the costs associated with treatment.

#3: No Pain

When patients aren’t experiencing any pain, discomfort, or other signs of oral health problems, they may think that there’s no need to visit the dentist.

#4: Fear of the Unknown

The unfamiliar tools and noises in the dentist’s office make some patients feel anxious or scared, which leads to them avoiding it altogether.

#5: Forgetfulness

Though it’s recommended to visit the dentist on a biannual basis, some people forget to schedule appointments. This can lead to a slew of oral health problems, so it’s incredibly important to remember to schedule cleanings and checkups every six months.

#6: Bad Past Experiences

If a patient had a bad experience with an unprofessional or underqualified dentist in the past, they may fear that every experience will end up that way.

#7: Fear of Needles

Also called trypanophobia, an extreme fear of medical procedures involving injections or needles can lead to patients neglecting their oral health by evading dental appointments.

Why the Dentist Is Nothing to Fear

Thanks to modern technology in the field of dentistry, treatment is easier and involves less pain than ever before. With these technological advances and the right dentist, there’s no reason to fear dental appointments because:

  • Dentists are trained professionals. They’re here to help and will do whatever they can to ensure your comfort and safety.
  • The sooner your oral health issues are treated, the more likely you are to avoid worse issues in the future.
  • Regardless of past bad experiences with the dentist, the right team of oral health professionals will make sure your appointments go as smoothly as possible.

If you’re experiencing dental fear in Putnam, your dentist will be happy to help you overcome your worries so you can receive the treatment you need. Taking care of your teeth is an important part of maintaining good overall health. So, the sooner you get help, the healthier you and your smile will be!

About the Practice

From general dentistry to full smile restorations, Drs. Carolyn and Walter McGinn are providing the residents of Putnam with the care they need to have healthy, happy teeth. Their team of highly skilled oral health professionals does everything they can to ease your anxieties and make you feel safe and calm during your appointments. Visit their website or call their office at (860) 928-3723 to learn more about how they can help you face your dental fear.

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