Why a Healthy Smile & Regular Dental Checkups Are So Important

June 17, 2020

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Healthy woman with beautiful smile after visiting Putnam dentist Did you know that June is Oral Health Month? Now is a great time to learn more about the importance of taking care of your teeth and gums. Many people don’t realize that keeping your smile healthy is about so much more than preventing bad breath and maintaining a great appearance. Countless studies demonstrate that your oral health has wide-spread influence on several key aspects of your general wellbeing. Your Putnam dentist explains five reasons why maintaining a healthy mouth with regular dental checkups is so important—the answers may surprise you!

1.) Prevent Unnecessary Pain & Damage

Have you ever hoped a toothache would go away on its own? Unfortunately, unlike the rest of your body, your teeth can’t heal themselves. Half-hearted oral health care will only allow your dental issues to get worse over time. The best way to prevent permanent damage and intense pain is to practice excellent at-home dental hygiene and visit your dentist twice a year.

2.) Keep Your Teeth for Life

Contrary to popular belief, tooth loss is not an inevitable part of life. With the proper care, your natural set of teeth can stay healthy, functional, and beautiful for a lifetime. Routinely brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash is a simple yet effective way to keep your teeth healthy and firmly in place.

3.) Improve Your Self-Confidence

Do you hide your teeth when you laugh or carry breath mints with you everywhere? Being embarrassed about your oral health takes a toll on your self-confidence and your mental wellbeing. When you know that your smile is clean and fresh, you’ll naturally feel less self-conscious and begin to smile more. This triggers the release of feel-good chemicals that foster sensations of happiness, confidence, and relaxation.

4.) Lower Your Risk of Systemic Disease

Research indicates that the bacteria and inflammation associated with oral health issues like gum disease and dental infections can spread throughout your body. Health experts have linked poor oral health to a wide variety of systemic issues, including respiratory infections, diabetes, memory loss, birth complications, and heart disease. Keeping yourself healthy starts with keeping your mouth clean.

5.) Live Longer

Did you know the number of natural teeth you have can impact your lifespan? A recent study found that those with 20 teeth or more by the age of 70 had a much higher chance of living longer than lost with less. While more research is needed to fully understand this connection and is facets, it serves as a good reminder that we should do everything we can to keep our smile healthy and intact.

Is your oral health on track? June is the perfect time to search for a “Putnam dentist near me” and schedule a routine dental checkup for the wellbeing of your smile and overall health.

About the Practice

Since 1994, Drs. Carolyn and Walter McGinn have been keeping Putnam, CT and the surrounding communities healthy with excellent dentistry. Their goal is to help every patient achieve optimal oral health and maintain it for a lifetime. With regular checkups every six months, they can help prevent many oral health issues before they have a chance to cause unnecessary discomfort or damage. If you’d like to learn more about how to improve your oral health, feel free to contact them via their website or at (860) 928-3723.

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