Dentist in Putnam Shapes Smiles with Cosmetic Dental Bonding

September 8, 2016

Chipped, cracked or oddly shaped teeth spoil smiles. Cosmetic dentists in Putnam, Drs. Carolyn and Walter McGinn, offer dental bonding to fix smile defects.Good oral health is one of life’s great blessings, but if people feel they cover their healthy smiles because they are self-conscious about stains, chips, crowding and gaps, something must change. Your cosmetic dentists in Putnam, Drs. Carolyn and Walter McGinn, remake marred teeth into beautiful smiles through their array of aesthetic dental treatments.


Five Simple Tips To Improve Your Oral Health

February 25, 2016

dentist putnamAs your dentist in Putnam, we’ve got a real interest in keeping your smile healthy. Did you know there are a few simple steps you can take to improve the health of your teeth and gums? Keep reading to learn the top five tips for good oral health, and start making some positive changes for your smile today!


Fill your smile gaps with dental implants

January 29, 2016

dental implants putnamStress, anxiety and embarrassment — these are just a few of the feelings our patients who are missing teeth report. It’s the stress of not being able to eat like you used to, the anxiety of speaking without all your teeth and the embarrassment of smiling with a big gap. We hate to hear when people experience these side effects of missing teeth, but we also feel so proud to be able to offer a wonderful solution with dental implants in Putnam. Keep reading to learn how you can benefit from the whole tooth replacement from your dentist in Putnam in 2016!